Custom BBQ Grill

Custom BBQ Grill

Custom plasma cut bar-b-que grills are sure to grab your guest attention. We seared our logo into a steak. See more and request a quote for your own custom grill.

We're Celebrating Summer with a Sizzling Steak  

Seared on a Custom BBQ Grill 

We plasma cut our logo into a sheet of 3/16ths Gauge Steel to make a grill plate. 

We put the grill over red-hot coals.

Tossed on some burgers and steaks

And let our logo sear in

Our Steel Supply Steak


Want to personalize your summer grilling and wow your friends?

Get your steak sizzling on a custom BBQ grill.

We can cut a custom logo into a grill plate perfectly fit to your grill. Request a Quote >