Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Steel

Specs and Features

  • Messer Platemaster CNC cutting system
  • Hypertherm HPR400XD Hi-Definition plasma
  • Oxyfuel cutting
  • 10’ x 20’ table
  • From 16ga up to 6” plate

Plasma Cutting

With our high definition plasma cutting machine, we can make your custom designs come to life.  Whether you need a specialized part or a decorative piece – We’ve got you covered.  The video above shows the cutting process for a custom flange made to precisely fit a 20” standard wall pipe. We regularly make small and large-scale decorative pieces including custom nameplates and intricate structural and decorative archways.

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma is considered the 4th state of matter and is most commonly associated with the Sun and other stars. It does not occur naturally on earth’s surface, but we are able to create plasma artificially by subjecting a gas to extreme energy. The gas sheds electrons and becomes ionized. Unlike neutral gasses, plasma is very conductive.  The extremely high-temperature plasma arc between the negatively charged nozzle to the positively charged workpiece cuts through metal with ease and precision.

Why Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cuts are clean, precise and reproducible. The heat-affected zone is small in comparison to oxy-fuel cutting, creating a surface that maintains its metallurgy and welding surface especially in alloyed steels. Smooth edge surface and small kerf reduces the need for post-processing and saves time and money down the line. Our Hi-Definition Plasma cutter can easily cut plate up to 2” thick. Our large table capacity can accommodate a workpiece up to 8’ by 20’.