Filler Metals

Filler metals

Steel Supply, L.P. stocks these filler metals: 

  • Mild steel coated electrodes, MIG, TIG, flux core & sub arc wires/flux
  • Stainless steel coated electrodes, MIG, TIG, flux core and sub arc wires/flux
  • Nickel alloy electrodes, MIG, TIG, flux cored and sub arc wires/flux
  • Aluminum electrodes, MIG, TIG wires
  • Copper & bronze MIG, TIG wires
  • Cobalt base maintenance & aviation electrodes, MIG, TIG, and spray powders
  • Silver based brazing and soldering alloys


From the follwoing manufacturers:

  • Lincoln Electric
  • Esab North America
  • Hobart Filler Metals
  • Kobe Welding of America
  • Midalloy
  • Washington Alloy
  • Unibraze
  • United States Welding Corporation
  • Inweld
  • J. W. Harris
  • Blue Demon
  • Pinnacle Alloys
  • Stellite