Wide Flange Beam

Beams are the backbone of steel construction. We stock a large selection of both wide flange (h-beams) and standard beams (I-beams) available for immediate pickup or delivery. If we don't have it in stock, we can get most items within a couple of days. Most of our stock is A36 Steel Beams, but we can procure specialty steels such as A992 beams or A572-50 beams, as well as galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum beams upon request.

Wide Flange                                                                                           

  • Also referred to as H beams. Flanges have a constant thickness.                                  
  • Generally specified by the depth of the web and weight per foot.
  • Depth from 4” to 36”. Weight from 9# to 231# per foot.
  • Lengths: 20’ to 65’, typically in 5’ increments.
  • Grades: A-36, A992, A572-50.

Standard Beam                                                                                         

  • Also referred to as I-beams                                                                                           
  • Generally specified by the depth of the web and weight per foot.
  • Depth from 3” to 20”. Weight from 5.7# to 75# per foot.
  • Lengths: 20’ to 60’.
  • Grades: A-36, A992, A572-50.


-Steel Supply, L.P. can custom cut wide-flange and standard beams to any size necessary to meet the customer’s need. Need your beams coped? We can do that too!

-Beams are also available in stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized.