Excess Prime

Ep sm

Excess Prime / Secondary Material (EP/SM) encompasses a wide range of structural steel we sell at deeply discounted prices. 

Excess Prime steel is new material, it may be overstock or rarely used sizes that we'd like to clear from our warehouse.

Secondary material is steel with minor imperfections that keep it from meeting prime standards. Slightly odd size, missing MTR, a bit of rust make it ideal for projects where minor imperfections don't matter. It is not right for every project, but when it is it can save you tons of money!   Secondary material can go by many names - Less than prime, sub-prime, or non-prime.

Our EP/SM inventory sells quickly and is constantly changing.

EP/SM Inventory

Decoding the List:

  • A – Angle
  • BP – Black Pipe
  • C – Channel
  • GST – Galvanized Square Tube
  • MC – Miscellaneous Channel
  • PL - Plate
  • W – Wide Flange Beam
  • CR – Cold Rolled Round Bar
  • HR – Hot Rolled Round Bar  

Need more information on EP/SM Steel? Contact our sales team!