Concrete and Steel

September 18, 2023

IMG 1902

In modern construction, steel and concrete join forces to create remarkable structures. But how do we ensure these materials work together seamlessly? Meet embed plates and curb angles – the unsung heroes that make it all possible. 

Embed Plates: Uniting Strength Below the Surface

Imagine steel plates with sturdy studs. These are embed plates. They're placed in wet concrete, becoming one with it as it cures. The result? A smooth concrete surface with embedded studs ready for steel structures to be welded on. This fusion of concrete and steel is the bedrock of construction strength.

Curb Angles: Guardians of Edges, Enablers of Attachment

Curb angles are just as important. These angled pieces, also armed with studs, protect concrete edges and provide spots to attach steel elements. By firmly connecting concrete and steel, curb angles play a vital role in construction stability.

Stainless Steel Embeds

While carbon steel is the standard, innovation has brought forth stainless steel embeds. These resist corrosion and extend the life of connections. The image of a stainless steel curb angle showcases this innovation.

Embed plates and curb angles may not steal the spotlight, but they're the backbone of construction. They create unbreakable bonds between materials, shaping the modern architectural wonders we admire. Watch our video on creating stainless steel curb angles below! 

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