Everything you need to know about Galvanized Steel Sheets

October 10, 2022

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Galvanized steel is a type of rolled metal product or an ordinary steel sheet coated with a protective layer of zinc against moisture penetration and exposure to air. Such a protective coating can be applied on one or both sides of the steel sheet. The thickness of the protective coating may vary depending on the further area of application of the galvanized steel sheet and the expected humidity degree of the environment.

Galvanizing Methods:

  • Galvanic method – the process of applying zinc on a metal surface using an electrolyte solution.
  • Galvanizing using high temperatures – coating a metal (usually iron or steel) with a zinc layer by dipping the product in a bath with molten zinc at a temperature of about 460°C.
  • There are other methods - such as Low temperature, Sherardization, Zinc spray, and Gas dynamic. These methods do not apply to the material we sell.


Standards of various countries in the field of technical requirements for galvanized products determine its brand and size assortment. The main classification features for galvanized sheets are:

  1. area of application (profiling, cold forming, fabrication of metal structures);
  2. the chemical composition of the coating material (pure zinc or such alloys as zinc-iron, zinc-aluminum, aluminum-zinc, zinc-magnesium, etc.);
  3. thickness/weight of the galvanized protective coating.


Due to the breaking strength, ease of installation, durability, and resistance to corrosion and aggressive environments, galvanized steel sheet has become widespread in many industries and manufacturing sectors.

Galvanized steel sheet is often used in roofing due to their light weight. Moreover, this material serves as the basis for the production of additional elements for roofs and facades, forced ventilation systems, ducts, gutters, and downspouts and is also used for the manufacture of various structural elements and parts used in almost all areas of industrial and civil engineering construction.

Also, the galvanized steel sheet is commonly used in manufacturing profiled sheeting, metal tile, or metal siding. In addition, the galvanized steel sheet can be used for the construction of silos, temporary storage facilities, or agricultural silages.

Galvanized steel sheet is used everywhere: its elements are present in many structures around us, for example, in ships, airports and railway stations, billboards, cars, stairs, cornices, fences, and other metal structures.

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