Creating Inlet & Outlet Heads for Air Intake & Exhaust Systems

April 08, 2024

Inlet outlet heads plasma cutting

Recently, we plasma cut inlet and outlet heads for air intake and exhaust systems on 3/16 material. These components are used in ventilation or air handling systems, particularly in industrial or commercial settings; they are crucial in directing and managing airflow. 

First, our plasma cutter creates holes along the outer diameter of the material where the inlets and outlets will attach. Next, the inner holes were cut (two on each component). Finally, the outer diameter is cut.

Watch the process here.

Why Choose Plasma Cutting for your Project?

Here are several reasons to choose plasma cutting:

  • Versatility: plasma-cutting can cut through a variety of materials.
  • Precision: Through its focused, high-temperature plasma arc, plasma-cutting can accurately cut with minimal deviation from intended designs.
  • Speed: Plasma cutting is faster due to its high-speed plasma arc, which melts and removes material faster than traditional cutting methods.


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