What's Inside the Plastic?

November 30, 2020

IMG 3691

The package above is Steel Square Tubing all wrapped up and ready to ship out to a customer in California by LTL freight.

Cut to length
Cut to length

This particular customer located us on the web and called with specific cutting instructions.

There are 11 pieces of 24-foot Galvanized 3 inch 11 gauge square tubing, custom cut to the customer’s specifications.

We cut it and drilled some holes, also specified by the customer.

We carefully stacked it on a pallet, and it is now ready to be strapped down and wrapped for protection.

Plastic heat shrink ready to sel
Plastic heat shrink ready to seal

This picture shows the steel straps that are applied to ensure the tubing is secure to the pallet.

You can also see the plastic heat shrink wrap, ready to be sealed up into a protective cocoon.

After heat is applied, the entire unit will look like the top picture.

It is then ready for an LTL (less than load) freight carrier to pick up from us and send it on a journey to California.

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