Think it's Hot Outside?

September 05, 2023

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As the scorching heat wave engulfs the South, we are grateful that it is not hot enough to melt the steel in our yard ... not without torches, welding machines, or plasma cutters, that is. 

Do you know the melting point of metal alloys? For A36 steel, it's a range of 2,600-2,800°F. And brace yourself: in arc welding, the blazing arc can reach a staggering 10,000°F!

To properly weld two pieces together, each surface and the filler metal must melt.

Speaking of filler metals, think Welding Rods, TIG wire, and MIG wire. These are the unsung heroes that bridge gaps and strengthen bonds.

Guess what? Our shelves are stocked with a diverse array of filler metals, from the common to the elusive. You can even find some online here.

Stay cool in this sweltering weather!

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