How is Square Tubing Made?

February 12, 2024

Square tubing how its made

Almost all the Square Tubing we use daily is made from Steel Coils. Have you ever wondered how that happens?

First, the coil is slit to the proper width, depending on the size of the finished tubing. These slit pieces are welded end-to-end to make a long strip.

This strip is then fed into a series of rollers that form into a round tube. Where the edges of that tube meet, they are welded together using Electric Resistance Welding, hence the name ERW tubing.

This round tubing is then formed into a square shape by passing through a series of rollers that gradually shape it into a square shape.

Finally, this tubing is cut to length, bundled, and shipped to distributors like Steel Supply, L.P.

Round mechanical tubing and ERW pipe are made in a very similar way.

Many thanks to Nucor Tubular Products for allowing us to use this fantastic video they made.

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