It's a Wrap!

October 16, 2019

Steel warehouse
Every day at Steel Supply, L.P. we are cutting, packaging and delivering steel all around the Houston/Metro area. And now, all over the country as well.

We cut steel to the custom specifications our customers request and our packaging process is to ensure our cut steel products get delivered to you safely.

For packaging, we like to shrink wrap our products. Shrinkwrap is not only lightweight and environmentally friendly, but it also keeps everything wrapped tightly and neatly. It’s also durable and keeps everything inside in perfect condition - plus it’s waterproof!

The process of packaging steel looks something like this:

First, we lay out the shrink wrap.

Next, we bring the pallet of cut parts with a forklift and set it on top of the plastic wrap.

The shrink wrap is folded over the parts.

Finally, a heat gun is used to, well, shrink the shrinkwrap into place.

The final product is a pallet of parts that can be delivered by our truck or an LTL freight line straight to your manufacturing facility.