New Miter Saw

December 11, 2019


Our Value-Added business is growing daily.

To keep up with demand, we have added a new Hydmech M20a Miter saw.

If you need something cut, give us a call!

We thought we would share a few pics of our new “baby.”

A look back at the outfeed side from the end of the roller table.

Control panel on the right, again from the outfeed side.

As you can see, the miter saw is in the warehouse where our cranes can access both the infeed and outfeed tables.

A look at the infeed tables.

An excellent look at the feed vises and the safety rail around them.

Here, we are cutting a piece of 8” Aluminum Square Tubing at a 22.5-degree angle.

Another shot, further through the cut.

And finally, here is a truckload of miter cut parts (12” Square Tubing cut at 45 degrees) on its way to a customer.

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