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July 23, 2020

My Post 36

As the sun rises, we are loading up a truck to make seven stops today.

Stop 1 on the very back, you see a strapped pallet of plates (and drops) that we sheared to a customer’s custom size.

Stop 2 gets the R-Panels and the Galvanized square tubing that you see.

Stop 3 gets some 2” square tubing and some 11 gauge sheets that are under the r-panels.

Stop 4 gets the big flats (1” x 12”) that you see near the left.

Stop 5 gets the galvanized flats and angles you see sandwiched between the big flat bars and the pipe.

Stop 6 gets the three pieces of 1.25” thick flat bar on the top of the pipes in the middle.

And finally, stop 7 gets the bundle of pipe in the center of the truck.

If it is Steel related, we are your complete source!

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