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Concrete Embeds

June 04, 2020


Steel and Reinforced Concrete are two of the most important building materials in use today. How do you combine them?

The answer is simple – Concrete Embeds or Embed Plates.

An Embed Plate is a rectangular piece of steel with welding studs attached that have a head bigger than the stud’s diameter.

They are placed into the forms when reinforced concrete is to be poured.

Once the concrete gets poured, the studs are “embedded” in it, then the plate is flush with the surface on the concrete.

Steel can then be easily welded to that exposed surface, allowing the two best building materials to be appropriately connected.

Embed Plates are also often Galvanized after they are made. In the picture below are a couple of Galvanized Embed plates we made for a customer. The one on the bottom is 1” thick and 40” Square with 16 Welding Studs. It weighs over 450lbs. The smaller rectangular one is 30” X 10”. There are also 3 Galvanized 12” square Base Plates with no studs on the pallet.

We offer a few sizes of Embed plates online, and we can make them in any size for you. We have made single plates for customers, and we have made entire truckloads for the construction of multi-story buildings.

If you need to attach Steel to Concrete, we can help!