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Malleable Iron

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  • Malleable Iron Couplings are available in both black and galvanized finishes.
  • All are Full Couplings.
  • Malleable Iron Couplings are stocked in sizes from 1/8" to 4".

Five different sizes of Malleable Iron Couplings

Temperature/Pressure cross reference for Malleable Iron Couplings
Sizes are Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) - size chart
Two different Malleable Iron Couplings in black and galvanized finishes.

To start, select size. Follow the green box to refine selections as desired. Click “Lookup Product” any time after selecting size to display products matching criteria entered so far. Fields autofill when only one choice. Or use search box above.


Domestic = Made in the USA

Import = Made anywhere else


Class for pipe fittings is a standard defined by the ASME/ASTM. Though stated with a # sign, such as 150# or 3000#, it is not a direct pressure rating.  The pressure rating is dependent on material and temperature and is found by consulting an appropriate reference guide.


Black - standard pipe finish.

Galvanized - zinc plated for corrosion resistance.


Full couplings are intended to join two pieces of pipe together. Half couplings are used to make a branch connection instead of using a sockolet or thredolet.